Pedal Mafia

Retargeting with Dynamic Creative


Signifi Media worked with Pedal Mafia to amplify and increase online sales via our own ad-tech platform "Loopa Remarketing".

What is Loopa?

Loopa is essentially a Dynamic Ad Server and DMP that segments users based on their browsing and behaviour activity on the Pedal Mafia website. For example, users that have added items to their cart but have not converted we can target with a dynamic creative strategy where the product they viewed (or similar products) are displayed in a carousel advertisement across display and social channels.

Our highly successful campaigns are typically an "always-on" strategy that any eCommerce retailer needs to consider especially when results are 17x ad spend or higher. So if you are running eCommerce then please contact us for a chat and how we can increase your conversion rate

The Detail

Integrating with Shopify, our Ad Server "Loopa Remarketing" learns what products users are interested in as they browse Pedal Mafia website. If a purchase is not made by the user, our system will retarget the user by showing dynamic creatives across the majority of online websites and Ad Exchanges (Goole, Yahoo, Microsoft etc) that sell advertising spots. These dynamic advertisements will display the same product that the user showed interest in.

Loopa also integrates with Facebook and instagram as well as many other social networks allowing us to display Pedal Mafia advertisments to consumers across the web wherever they may be.