MAY 26 2018

Get with the Programmatic

With amazing and unprecedented benefits, it’s no surprise that programmatic is the future of advertising

Programmatic advertising helps brands to reach the right customers in the right place, at the right time - the exact audience that they want. This is achieved through a bespoke combination of code, audience data, and algorithms. This results in a quicker, results driven and more affordable platform experience.

Let us run you through the benefits

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MAY 24 2018

Do we really need a Google Plus page in 2018?

As part of the biggest technology platform on the planet, G+ has an unbreakable foundation for businesses to build on.

It's no secret that Google Plus (G+) as a social network may be a qualified as a fail, but for businesses, the platform has merit and opportunity. In particular, SMEs and local businesses wanting to connect with potential customers via local mobile search will find lots of value here.  As part of the biggest technology platform on the planet, G+ has an unbreakable foundation for businesses to build on.

Our Digital Media Specialist Jeff Russell provides his view.

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MAY 04 2018

Social Media Management Services - An example in what to look for

Here in Australia, over a third of users check their social media more than five times a day, which is an increase on the previous year. Spending an average of 35 min on their feed, nearly 75% of consumers rely on social media to make a purchase decision.

Here’s a few more stats to marinate on: just six hours of social media management per week can lead to a 66% increase in lead generation and a 61% improvement in search engine rankings.

This article written by our Digital Media Specialist Jeff Russell gves you the low down.

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APR 24 2018

Koala Matresses - We make Furniture for the digital age!

“We make furniture for the digital age” is the first message you see on Koala’s “About” page.

Kind of says it all really

Launched in November 2015, by Byron Bay mates Dany Milham and Mitch, with a simple video of a crossed legged lad bouncing on a mattress, while an adjacent glass of Aussie red wine remained static, demonstrated that their “zero-disturbance technology mattress” was making a splash (even though the wine didn’t).

Boasting a "120-night trial", which allows for a full refund if it's returned with 120 nights, helped to promote their confidence in their “mattress in a box” product and their company.

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